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Accepting Best Practice Errors

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The best practice checker in AX is a vital tool that every x++ coder should use. 
Keeping the count of any BP errors at zero, should be a pre-requisite of 
 any successful build.

However, there will be exceptions where you are happy for a best practice error to stand. You might, for example, be happy for a particular label to end with a full stop.

In code you can accept a BP error by adding the line:

//BP Deviation Documented
display Name getName()
    // . . . code . . .

If the best practice is not contained in code, you can make use of the SysBPCheckIgnore macro, which has been improved in AX 2009 (so that there is no longer a small limit to the number of exceptions).

You should add a line similar to the following to accept a particular error:

<violation errorcode="#compileApplicationCheck" path="\Classes\Class1\sayHello" />


For more information please check out this link on msdn:  How to: Suppress Best Practice Checks 





Written by gregondax

April 21, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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