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Discover hidden AX resources

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A very popular AX community is, the only problem for English speakers is that the main language is Russian*

This site also publishes an RSS feed for each of its newsgroup, which is great for keeping up to date without having to visit the site.

Click here for the link to the feed in English  (Courtesy of Yahoo Pipes)

This RSS feed (linked to above) was created (by me) using Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo pipes lets you ‘pipe’  information from different data sources and set up rules for processing  that content, if you have a Unix background think of them as Unix pipes.

Using the pipes creator (Which has a great looking GUI!), the programming newsgroup was provided as a feed data source, then loop operators were used to translate the title and description of the feed and  then another operator used to modify the link (so that when you click on the title the source page with full thread is also translated)

Here is the yahoo pipe, where you can view the source:

Yahoo Pipe for

Yahoo Pipe for has been mentioned in these other blog posts:

* With the exception of the sub-forums in different languages, but these are not as busy.


Written by gregondax

February 23, 2009 at 1:35 pm